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Buffalo Chickpea Salad Wraps

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  • Servings:

    4 (334 g) as an appetizer
  • Prep Time:

    10 minutes
  • Cook Time:

    0 minutes


This quick and delicious chickpea salad is perfect as a filling for this wrap or for a sandwich, or a topping for a salad. Make it a go-to option in your lunch rotation!
2 (15 oz.) cans no-salt-added chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1/2 c. plain, nonfat Greek yogurt
1/4 c. low-fat bleu cheese
2 celery stalks, chopped
2 T. hot sauce
4 c. lettuce, washed and torn
4 whole grain wraps
Buffalo Chickpea Salad Wraps


1. Place all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Mash the chickpeas until they are as squashed as you want them.
2. Place lettuce on the wraps, top with chickpea mixture, and wrap tightly.


Nutritional Facts
Servings 4 (334 g)
Base Nutrients
Calories 393 kcal (20%)
Calories from Fat 87 kcal (0%)
Total Fat 10 g (15%)
Saturated Fat 4 g (20%)
Cholesterol 8 mg (3%)
Sodium 965 mg (40%)
Total Carbohydrates 59 g (20%)
Dietary Fiber 10 g (39%)
Protein 18 g (30%)
Vitamin A n/a
Vitamin C 8 mg (9%)
Calcium 467 mg (36%)
Iron 3 mg (17%)