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Hannaford Charitable Foundation

We have a long history of supporting our communities through volunteerism, donations and community leadership. The Hannaford Charitable Foundation is one of many ways we support our communities.

The Foundation's mission is to invest in creating and sustaining healthy communities in our five-state region by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations and programs that focus on improvement of the root causes impacting the quality of life for our customers, associates and neighbors. Our areas of focus for financial support are food, education and health.


The Foundation supports organizations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont that focus on one of the following core components of healthy communities:

  • Food – We support programs with long-term solutions that will ensure safe, stable access to healthy food primarily through regional food banks in the markets we serve.
  • Education – We help to deliver strong programs that prepare people through all stages of life for success in education and readiness to enter the workforce.
  • Health – We support organizations that provide quality programs focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles and improved care.

In determining which organizations and programs to support, the Foundation considers:

  • the impact and outcomes to the community
  • prior support from Hannaford Charitable Foundation
  • relative uniqueness of the program versus others in the community.

Preference for funding is given to those that have the potential of providing ongoing services for a large segment of our customer base and communities.

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