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    Online grocery ordering is easy with our expert shoppers who shop the way you do. Plus, get FREE pickup on orders over $125 and FREE delivery on your first order!

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How to Order Your Groceries Online

  • Step 1: Choose your store/location
  • Step 2: Start shopping (use search, browse departments or select from our weekly flyer)
  • Step 3: Check out: Go to your cart, review items and add substitutions and notes, choose pickup or delivery, select date/time, enter payment info, submit your order

Why Choose Hannaford To Go Grocery Pickup & Delivery?

Get the same prices and deals online as you do in-store.

Earn Hannaford Rewards when you shop online, just like in-store.

Easily redeem digital coupons with your order.

Shop and add items directly from our weekly flyer.

Add special requests and instructions to personalize your order.



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my previous purchase history to build my cart?

There are two ways to build your cart from previous purchases:

  1. Add items from a specific online order or in-store shopping trip from the My Orders page in your account.
  2. Visit your Recent Purchases page and add items that you bought within the last 90 days.

How are products added to my Recent Purchases?

Products from your Hannaford To Go orders are added automatically. Products from in-store purchases are added when you type in your phone number at the register or by scanning the bar code from the Hannaford App.

Can I filter by Recent Purchases when searching for products or while browsing departments?

Yes. When logged into your account, you can filter any product listing or search result by checking the "Recent Purchases" box. On smaller screens (tablet and mobile), you may find the "Recent Purchases" box by clicking the "Refine" button.

What if I can't find an item on the site?

If you're unable to locate a product online, but think we carry it, add a note in the order comments when you check out. Enter as much information about the product as possible and we will make our best effort to find it for you.

What is "average weight"?

When you shop online certain items priced by weight, such as bananas or hamburger, will show an "average weight" and are ordered as "each." The "average weight" is provided to help you understand the typical weight of a single item or package and to calculate an approximate price based on the quantity you choose.

Example: The average beef chuck roast weighs 3.5 lb. When you select "each" and quantity 1 you'll receive a roast of about 3.5 lb. A single apple is about 0.45 lb. If you need 5 apples we will calculate the price in your cart based on the approximate weight of each apple. When we prepare your order we will weigh the items to determine the final price.

Can I order my regular groceries and special occasion items like deli platters and birthday cakes together?

Special occasion items like personalized cakes and platters require a 24-hour lead time before pickup. These items will have a "select preferences" button. During your online checkout you'll be asked to specify a pickup time for these items and a pickup time for your Hannaford To Go order.

If you'd like to pick up your groceries and these special occasion items together, please use the "order comments" to let us know and also alert the Hannaford To Go associate at time of pickup that you have a special occasion order. Remember to plan ahead and order early.

Can I add special instructions regarding products?

Yes. Want bananas that are a little green? Want your steak 2-inches thick? You can add special instructions to each item in your shopping cart. You can also leave a note if there are items on your list for which you don't want any substitutions.

Can I buy alcohol or other age restricted items online?

If your store carries alcohol or other age restricted items, you can order them for pickup. Please ensure you have suitable ID at pickup. If an adult over the age of 21 is not picking up the age restricted items, they will be removed from the order.

Please note: Due to state law both the driver and the customer that is picking up any Hannaford To Go order containing age restricted items will be required to show a valid ID.

Can I modify or cancel an order?

Yes, you can modify orders up to a few hours before the start of your pickup window.

If you would like to modify your order please log in and visit your account page. If the store has not begun processing your order you can edit or cancel. If your order is already being processed, you may contact the store to reschedule or add items.

When you edit your order online please be aware that you will need to go through the online checkout steps again and will receive an updated email confirmation and a new order number.

What will I receive for order confirmation?

We will send you an email confirmation. You can also choose to have a text reminder sent on the day of your pickup. Select your email and text preferences in your account.

Are there any items I can't order online?

While we are continually working to improve our assortment, there may be a few select items that are not available for online purchase.

Can I use Hannaford To Go to order large quantities and bulk orders?

To accommodate very large or bulk orders please call your home store 48 hours prior to placing the order with Hannaford To Go so our associates can verify quantity on hand. Providing the store with advance notice will help ensure products will be available when you want to pick them up. Please note that bulk pricing for turkeys and hams applies to orders of 10 cases or more and will need to be ordered directly through the meat department.