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  • 100% Sustainable Seafood

    You can count on Hannaford to be your trusted local seafood market. We sell only sustainably harvested seafood and our fresh catch earns 2% rewards!

We source and sell only sustainably raised, fished and harvested seafood, and all our seafood comes with a double money back quality guarantee.

Trust Where Your Seafood Comes From

The seafood we source is fished or farmed using practices backed up by science-based approaches that help ensure the health of the species and our oceans for generations to come. We only work with suppliers that know where the seafood they provide us comes from. That includes documenting for us the species, catching country, fishing zone and catch method for every item we carry.

Our Sustainable Seafood Policy

Hannaford customers can trust that the seafood products they buy in our stores are brought to them in ways that they can feel good about.

All seafood products sold in Hannaford stores are traceable back to the wild fishery or farm to ensure they come from sustainable sources.

We ensure that the seafood products sold throughout our stores are harvested in a sustainable manner. For us, this means that seafood is fished or farmed in a way that it will be around for generations to come. We will only sell seafood from fisheries and farms that are managed by competent authorized authorities that use a science-based approach to their management plans.

In addition, Hannaford has partnered with well-respected third parties, like the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, to ensure policy transparency. We require all of our suppliers to provide traceability back to source fishery for wild-caught species, and back to the farm for farmed species, for all of the products we sell. This practice ensures that our products are harvested from sources we have assessed and approve of.

Hannaford will continue to work with our suppliers to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of seafood products we sell. These improvements include promoting fishery improvement projects and harvesting methods that decrease bycatch, distribution networks that decrease food miles, improved handling to maintain the quality of product, and so on. We will work to reward suppliers who source products that utilize these voluntary measures.

Hannaford commits to educating associates and customers on seafood sustainability issues. Associates will be trained to understand the complexity of seafood issues. Our company also will ensure that our suppliers are aware of seafood sustainability issues and that they are prepared to address them.

To learn more, visit the Hannaford page on the Ocean Disclosure Project website.

The seafood we source is fished or farmed using a science-backed approach that ensures the health of the species and our oceans. We work hard to make sure we're sourcing seafood that is not only good for you and your family, but good for our oceans and environment, today and for years to come.

To learn more, visit the Hannaford page on the Ocean Disclosure Project website.