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Organic & Natural Beef, Poultry & Pork

Choosing all-natural beef, poultry & pork just got easier.

Hannaford has a reputation for unsurpassed meat selections, and that commitment to quality extends into our all-natural selections as well. Our entire line of Nature’s Place all-natural beef, chicken and pork is USDA-certified natural, which means the animals are raised using only environmentally sound methods and are never given antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products. We are equally committed to working with farms that provide the healthiest environments for their animals and have sound animal-friendly methods of production.

All-Natural Beef

To meet our strict quality standards, we searched for the very best producer of all-natural beef to supply our Nature’s Place brand. As a result of that search, we found that the best was our popular line of Pineland Farms Natural Meats. Pineland Farms is a Maine based company. Today you can find this same exceptional beef under the Nature’s Place label. Nature’s Place beef is fed a vegetarian diet from birth, including grass and grain grown by family farmers. This diet produces leaner cattle with more muscle mass, resulting in juicy, full-flavored beef, lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than traditional beef.

All-Natural Chicken

Nature’s Place All-Natural Chicken is raised on a vegetarian diet on farms which provide plenty of fresh air and room to grow naturally. These farms use the latest technology along with old-fashioned hard work to bring you the plumpest, best-tasting chicken possible. The chicken feed is tested for pesticides and contaminants to ensure safe, wholesome grains. Healthy birds raised in healthy conditions do not need chemical medicines or antibiotics to help them grow – Nature’s Place chicken is completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

You can feel good about protecting the environment when you buy Nature’s Place chicken, too. The land where the poultry is farmed is tested for soil and water contaminants. Specialists monitor runoff and impact on wildlife. The result is a product you can trust that is safe for the environment and nutritious for you and your family.

All-Natural Pork

Nature’s Place All-Natural Pork takes the taste and quality of pork to a whole new level. As a result of many years of experience and the development of an animal-friendly style of pork production, sows and pigs used for the Nature’s Place brand have unlimited access to fresh air and running water. They are on a strictly vegetarian diet and never fed animal by-products. In addition, they are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.