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  • back to school

We’ve made going back to school fun and exciting with shoppable collections of quick-assembly sandwiches that save time and money, easy colorful meals that encourage kids to eat, fresh pre-made good-for-you snacks and smart choices for your family's well-being all year long.

Make it a "Hannwich"

Why have a sandwich, when you can make a delicious "Hannwich" – and earn 2% rewards on all Hannaford brands! We've assembled all the essentials in one easy place – so, with just a few quick clicks, you can save time and money. Smart!

Shop Kid-Approved Meals & Snacks

Pressed for time? Shop these quick and easy collections that will keep kiddos happy and well-fed!

Snack Pals to the Rescue!

Fresh, convenient, and so many varieties to choose from – add Snack Pals to your kid's lunchbox and feel good about their fuel.