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Product Recall

Certain Back to Nature Cookie and Granola Products


Reason for Recall

This recall is due to undeclared milk, which is not listed as an ingredient on the label.


Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies
9.5 Oz.
Recalled UPC # 8-19898-01100
Recalled Lot(s) Best By Date: 05/08/17 – 05/12/17

Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies
7.5 Oz.
Recalled UPC # 8-19898-01114
Best By Date: 05/01/2017

Back to Nature Chocolate Delight Granola
11 Oz.
Recalled UPC # 8-19898-01201
Best By Date: 12/25/2016 – 07/27/2017