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Sandwiches and Wraps

Cobb Sandwiches
3 eggs
1 Tbsp. white vinegar
6 whole wheat English muffins
6 Tbsp. light blue cheese crumbles
6 strips turkey bacon
1 medium tomato
1 ripe avocado
8 oz. thinly sliced roasted chicken breast
1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1 Tbsp. olive oil
6 leaves romaine lettuce, cut in half widthwise
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Cobb Sandwiches

Cobb Sandwiches

Cobb Sandwiches
  • Servings:Serves 6
  • Prep Time:30 minutes
  • Cook Time:17 minutes
1. Place eggs in a small saucepan. Pour cold water over them until the eggs are fully submerged by 1 to 2 inches. Add white vinegar and a teaspoonful of salt to the water. (The vinegar stops the egg whites from spreading should the shells crack, while the salt helps prevent cracking and makes the eggs easier to peel.) Cover and bring to a simmer over high heat. Lower heat to maintain a simmer and cook for 6 minutes. Remove from heat and let rest, covered, for 10 more minutes, then drain and run cold water over the eggs.
2. While eggs cook, heat the broiler. Split English muffins in half and place on a pan. Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. blue cheese on each half of the slices. Broil until the cheese melts and muffins turn golden brown, about 3 to 5 minutes. Watch carefully, as they can burn. Remove from the oven and set aside.
3. Cook turkey bacon in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until crisp, about 6 minutes on each side, turning each slice frequently. Cook in batches if necessary to avoid overcrowding.
4. Core tomato. Cut into 6 slices. Halve avocado lengthwise and cut each half into 6 slices. Peel eggs. Cut in half widthwise and discard yolks or save for another use. Cut whites into 1/4-inch-thick slices.
5. Assemble sandwiches. Layer chicken on the blue-cheese topped muffin, followed by tomato, avocado, bacon, and egg. Sprinkle each with red wine vinegar and olive oil, then top with romaine and top half of muffin. Insert two toothpicks to keep the sandwich stable.
Source: Hannaford fresh Magazine, March - April 2014