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Molten Semisweet Chocolate Cakes
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
5 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped (a generous 3/4 cup)
1/2 cup sugar, plus more for coating the cups
3 eggs
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, fresh berries (optional garnishes)
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Molten Semisweet Chocolate Cakes

Molten Semisweet Chocolate Cakes

Molten Semisweet Chocolate Cakes
  • Servings:Serves 4
  • Prep Time:0 minutes
  • Cook Time:20 minutes
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray 4 (6 oz.) ramekins or custard cups with vegetablecooking spray. Use a paper towel to make sure spray is evenly distributed. Sprinkle ramekins with sugar to coat, shaking out excess.
2. Melt butter and chocolate in a large saucepan, stirring often, over low heat.Remove from heat and let cool a few minutes. Whisk in sugar until fully blended. Whisk in eggs, one at a time, until thickened. Stir in flour just until blended.
3. Divide batter among prepared cups. (Can be made up to this point and kept atroom temperature for up to 2 hours or refrigerated for up to 8 hours; bring toroom temperature before baking.) Place filled cups on a baking sheet.
4. Bake 14 minutes or until tops are just set (centers will still be soft). Let sit for 2 minutes. Run a knife around the inside of each cup and invert the cakes onto individual dessert plates. Serve warm with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or fresh berries, if desired.
Source: Fresh Magazine January, February 2010