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Winter Squash & Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts
Risotto is a dish that builds flavor on a foundation of slow, careful cooking. The ingredients are simple and easy to work with, making it a wonderful dish for new cooks to learn. It's easier than you might imagine and produces results that will wow experienced chefs.
2 tsp. olive oil
1 cup diced onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup brown rice
2 Tbsp. pine nuts
20 oz. low-sodium vegetable broth, divided
1 1/2 cups diced winter squash
2 cups finely chopped kale
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Winter Squash & Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts

Winter Squash & Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts

Winter Squash & Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts
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  • Servings:4 (289 g)
  • Prep Time:30 minutes
  • Cook Time:0 minutes
1. Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Saute onion and garlic until just translucent (3-5 minutes).
2. Stir in rice and pine nuts and toast until nutty (2 minutes).
3. Add 1/2 cup broth. Cook on medium heat, stirring often until liquid is nearly absorbed.
4. Add another 1/2 cup, stirring occasionally. Once liquid is absorbed, add diced squash and another 1/2 a cup of broth, stirring often.
5. Add additional broth in 1/2 cup increments. Add kale with the last 1/2 cup of broth. Cook mixture until broth is absorbed and kale is soft and bright green. Serve.