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Hannaford Healthy Living Sponsorship Information

Thank you to our sponsors for partnering with Hannaford to offer free dietitian services in stores, online and across other media platforms. Our dietitians use carefully selected products in recipes and demonstrations to communicate science-based information about healthful eating.

Selected manufacturers have sponsored the program and their products are highlighted in the Hannaford Dietitian Program. It is important to note that sponsors are carefully selected to ensure the integrity of the program. If Hannaford did not believe that a product played a credible role in nutrition education for our shoppers, the product would not be included in this program. While our sponsors' products are used for nutrition education purposes, Hannaford Dietitians communicate their own nutrition expertise, views and advice.

Dietitian services include but are not limited to: in-store nutrition education demos, in-store classes and tours, "Ask our Online Dietitian" and community events. Our sponsors' products may be highlighted across a variety of media in association with the dietitian program and sponsorship disclosures will be displayed in accordance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.