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Strawberry Mint Spritzer
This beautiful and refreshing drink is quickly pureed in a blender or food processor. You could freeze the strawberry mixture in ice cube trays and make slushies with the cubes later or in a popsicle mold for icy summer treats.
6 fresh mint leaves
1 lb. strawberries
2 Tbsp. zero-calorie sweetener
1 tsp. lime zest
2 Tbsp. lime juice
4 cups club soda, sparkling water, or seltzer
6 lime wedges (optional)
6 mint sprigs (optional)
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Strawberry Mint Spritzer

Strawberry Mint Spritzer

Strawberry Mint Spritzer
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  • Servings:6 (239 g)
  • Prep Time:10 minutes
  • Cook Time:0 minutes
1. Chop mint leaves into very small pieces.
2. Stem and halve strawberries. Put in a food processor or blender with sugar, lime zest, lime juice, and chopped mint leaves; process until blended.
3. To serve, pour 1/3 cup strawberry mixture and 2/3 cup club soda into each glass; add ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig.