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Sandwiches & wraps

BBQ Cheddar Burgers
4 Hannaford Handcrafted Pub Burger Patties
4 slices Taste of Inspiration New York Sharp Cheddar Cheese
4 Miami onion rolls, split
1/4 cup Taste of Inspirations Boss BBQ Sauce
1/2 cup Hannaford French Fried Onions
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BBQ Cheddar Burgers

BBQ Cheddar Burgers

BBQ Cheddar Burgers
  • Servings:Serves 4
  • Prep Time:10 minutes
  • Cook Time:10 minutes
1. Heat grill to high, then clean and oil grates. Grill patties, without moving, until browned, 3 to 5 minutes. Flip patties and continue to grill until second side is browned and centers register 125 degrees for medium-rare, 3 to 5 more minutes.
2. Top each burger with a slice of cheese, close grill, and cook until cheese melts, about 30 seconds; transfer to a plate and let rest 5 minutes. Lightly toast split sides of rolls on grill. Transfer patties to rolls and top evenly with barbecue sauce and crispy onions.
Source: Hannaford fresh Magazine, July - August 2018